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Customer Fields

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Customer Fields by Helium hosts a suite of tools to help you learn more about your customers. The app includes helpful tools for all skill levels from beginners to Shopify Experts and developers (see developer documention).

Over 3,000 merchants depend on Customer Fields to:

  • Register customers with custom information (birthday, zip code, etc.)
  • Filter and segment customers for actionable data
  • Review & approve wholesale customer applications


  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Save customer segments and filter by custom data
  • Automatic customer tags
  • Customize/personalize your form with custom logic

Use cases and examples:

  • Personalize the customer’s shopping experience, ie:
    • Only show the products that are in stock for the customer’s size
    • Show a unique banner message depending on a custom field
    • Run a questionnaire to recommend products based on customer preferences
  • Convert visitors into customers through product quizzes or other lead capture forms
  • Learn product preferences to personalize products/subscriptions
  • Auto-tag wholesale customers and display unique B2B pricing
  • Save customer segments for advanced customer insights/workflows
  • Custom newsletter sign up forms

About us:
Helium builds apps Shopify merchants depend on. We are a human company in a digital space, and we never forget that everyone who uses our products is a human being too.