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Hiplee – Frankie Discount

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Our Guarantee

We’re so confident in the results you’ll achieve, that we offer a FREE 15-day independent AB test + FREE trial so you can confirm your uplift in sales. No risk. No commitment.

Increase conversion rates + revenue

Built specifically for Shopify & Shopify Plus Retailers looking to increase conversion rates + boost sales, Frankie utilises the latest Visual AI to deliver highly relevant, personalized recommendations to every shopper at each stage of the buyer journey.

Think of Frankie as a highly-skilled, knowledgeable shop assistant, who understands each customer, what they’re looking for, & gives them the best, most relevant suggestions.

Frankie gets the best results by immediately engaging with each customer & showcasing the products that best match their personal tastes & shopping intent.

One click setup

No hassle, no code, just one click & you’ll be upselling in minutes. It’s easy, just set + forget. Our support team is standing by for custom requests.

Customize each page

  • Different recommendation options for each store page ensure your store outperforms. Think: Home, Collection, Product, Cart & 404 pages
  • Personalized Collections on the Home Page display products from a Collection that match your shopper’s personal tastes

Trusted by small to big brands

Many of the fastest-growing brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus trust Frankie to power their recommendations

Make your customers happy

  • People enjoy seeing the things that appeal, they are more engaged, more satisfied & return more often
  • Recommendations are generated in real-time & update every time a shopper makes a click
  • Frankie always best matches their shopping objective & personal tastes

Conversion, AOV & revenue increase

  • Frankie’s personalized recommendations convert at much higher rates than is normal for your store
  • Each shopper is immediately presented with the items that have the greatest appeal to their tastes & shopping objective. Result: more sales

Advanced analytics & email reports

Clear, understandable insights

Social proof

Frankie’s recommendations display reviews from Shopify Product Reviews, Yotpo, Stamped.io, Judge.me & Loox apps


Personalize every customer’s email using our Klaviyo integration

Customized to your store style

  • Frankie is fully customizable to match your store + brand
  • It looks like your theme
  • Grid + Slider layouts
  • Recommendations can display as static or auto-scroll

Powered by advanced Visual AI algorithms

  • Frankie’s recommendations are Visual AI-driven, so they’re better tailored to each individual shopper
  • Frankie can recommend new products with no prior sales data
  • You don’t have to manually assign rules that go out of date

Personalize your Shoppers’ Experience + Boost Sales

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Integrates with

  • Stamped.io / Loox,
  • Judge.me / Yotpo,
  • Product Reviews,
  • Currency Converter,
  • Klaviyo,
  • and many more

Proven benefits

  • Multiple independent A/B tests verify that Frankie generates an increase in conversion rate and revenue
  • A guarantee we’ll increase your revenue, validated by A/B test


  • Personalized recommendations generated in real-time for each shopper
  • Recommendations leverage your social proof via our review app integrations (i.e., Yotpo, Stamped.io, Judge.me & Loox etc) 
  • Klaviyo integration allows greater personalization in your outbound emails
  • Frankie is styled to your store by our in-house engineers
  • Free 15-day independent A/B test to validate revenue increase on your store
  • Dashboard plus weekly updates on sales generated by Frankie

Gain access to this member only discount by joining Lead +. Sign up now only $99/year.