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RewardReach Influencer Coupon Discount

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Turn Your Visitors To Brand Ambassadors to Reach & Convert More

What is RewardReach?

RewardReach is a simple yet powerful micro influencer marketing solution that will convert your store visitors to become customers as well as brand ambassadors, all at the same time.

By rewarding your customers for sharing the products they love before purchasing, you can encourage them to complete the purchase and reach their social media network. Every action your customer takes towards purchasing increases the likelihood of them converting (sunk cost).

By harnessing the network effect, every sale on your store can potentially increase your revenue and brand awareness 10x.

How does it work?

  • A button is added to product pages
  • When the button is clicked, the visitors will see a popup window that encourages them to share your store
  • Once a share button is clicked, the visitor will unlock a coupon they can use for a limited time (a sense of urgency will increase the conversion rate as well)

How will it impact my bottom line?

  • First time visitors are more likely to complete a purchase when they are rewarded for it
  • One of the top reasons for cart abandonment is searching for a coupon.By providing the visitors with an option to earn a coupon, you will reduce the likelihood of them abandoning the cart
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to reach more people, as we tend to trust people we know more than we trust advertisements
  • Referred customers have a higher conversion rate and tend to spend more

Why RewardReach?

  • It’s extremely easy to implement and test
  • We inherit the style of the widget and popup from your store
  • You can customize the text, colors, and coupons generated as you wish
  • We give you all the statistics you need to measure the ROI
  • We only charge you once RewardReach has generated new sales for you!

Support & Feedback

We walk the talk and listen to our customers to consistently improve our solution If you have questions or want to give us feedback, reach out to us!

Gain access to this member only discount by joining Lead +. Sign up now only $99/year.